Sunday, June 12, 2011

my past.....

My heart throbs with pain, searing pain;

As i lower my eyes to the ground & walk, avoiding looks of disdain....

i'm shivering, cold on the inside;

But i have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide....

i have no shelter, no place to call my own;

i have always been and will be alone.....

i keep walking, walking till i find i cant go on;

i collapse to the earth, wishing i'd never been born.....


You came into my life like a breath of fresh air,

You changed my world by just being there,

And now you're gone

i tried to hold on

You slipped through my fingers, i was left with nothing instead......

And now i find myself missing you SO much,

I was wounded, you were like my crutch,

What went wrong?

Why is it taking so long?

To sort this mess inside my head....

i feel like i have no one to call my own anymore,

My heart might've mended, but its still sore,

What am i to do?

Should i love you or hate you?

'cause my heart's still weak cause of the way it bled.....


It was gonna be one sided love

You never really felt anything for me at all;

One sided love

i had nothing to break my fall;

So i fell for you, so hard so fast, lil' did i know;

That the one sided love i had for you would leave me with nothing to show.....

It's always been one sided love

i don't blame you for my fall;

One sided love

i'll learn to deal with it all;

i ain't gonna be so green, so naive to believe in happy endings no more;

i hate to admit it, but this one sided love has helped me grow....